Threshold is a face to face outreach and engagement company.  We specialize in residential and small business customer recruitment, education and technical fulfillment. Working with utilities, leading nonprofits and other growth-driven   businesses, Threshold uses its nationwide footprint and unmatched experience to customize scalable campaigns to meet our clients’ specific needs.



Engage-pic2Face to face engagement is the most efficient way of communicating complex ideas. Only through real time, real place interactions can you customize options, gauge customer interest and carefully guide conversations to ensure maximum understanding.

  • Neighborhood Canvassing – Bring the conversation to the front porch, where customers are best able to understand the practical, everyday benefits of your products and services. Residential and B2B canvassing produces the highest yield and largest market penetration of any marketing and outreach arm.
  • Event and Retail Staffing – Take advantage of being in the right place at the right time. Whether it’s a sporting event, state fair, big box store or a kiosk in the local mall, our retail and event staffing services will establish strategic beachheads that leverage customer’s current interests.
  • Business to Business – Direct outreach is the only way to thoroughly discuss synergies between businesses. Our skilled B2B representatives are professionals themselves who understand the needs of small businesses.

Inform-2.38.37-PMThe science of conveying information in a clear, easily understood manner is the key to a highly effective and sustainable campaign. In addition, securing feedback from consumers allows us to inform our clients of market trends and the perception of their product or service so they can adapt their messaging and tactics if needed.

  • Client Messaging: A thorough understanding of our clients’ products and services empowers Threshold to create succinct messaging while establishing key performance indicators to effectively gauge success.
  • Threshold Presentation: Through a blend of verbal and nonverbal communications tools, as well as key behavioral science practices, Threshold presents information to consumers in a manner that is comfortable, easily understood and compelling.
  • Customer Feedback:  By conversing with your customers, Threshold gains insight to the pulse of the marketplace. By listening carefully to this feedback, Threshold will provide you with vital information as to how your customers view your company and its products or services. This ongoing market analysis helps Threshold and its clients adapt tactics, tweak messaging, and change processes to remain successful.

FullfillA campaign’s technical and logistic goals require the coordination of many moving parts. Direct customer engagement streamlines implementation to maximize efficiency.

  • Enroll: Whether it’s enlisting customers into long term sustaining donations for nonprofits, scheduling a home energy assessment or enrolling customers into a demand side management program for utilities, or convincing a customer to execute a contract with a new, innovative business, Threshold helps our clients achieve their goals by getting results.
  • Direct Install: Threshold’s skilled technicians are able to fulfill the installation of hardware or software associated with a campaign directly at the point of enrollment. Threshold technicians offer a seamless flow between enrollment and fulfillment through installation, which lower costs and increase efficiency.
  • Educate: A new product or service is of little value if the customer cannot take full advantage of the benefits. Whether it is educating the customer on product features, or fully integrating new devices with existing technology, Threshold technicians take the extra step after installation to ensure a clear and certain understanding. At Threshold we believe a customer who can fully understand and realize the value of your services will be a loyal customer.

TechFor more than 20 years, Threshold has successfully and safely performed field operations for the Cable TV industry, including technical installations, asset recovery and the collection of past due payments by visiting the customer at their home. These are your customers as well.

  • Delinquent Account Collection: Tens of millions of dollars are recovered yearly through face to face customer engagement. These tactics generate payments from 30% or more of delinquent customers targeted. This helps reduce write off amounts related to unrecovered payments.
  • Meter Disconnect/Maintenance/Reading: Technicians have the ability to complete the disconnect if unable to collect a delinquent balance. This helps avoid unnecessary truck rolls for meter maintenance, disconnect and reconnect activity. Utilizing our manpower allows our clients to shift internal resources onto other projects
  • Positive Customer Experience: Face-to-Face interaction provides an opportunity to enroll the customer in auto bill pay, pre-pay or other payment programs. Plus, in-person interaction generates relevant feedback and provides an opportunity to leave behind marketing material for EE/DR program participation or other pertinent communication.

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Group Vice President


Erin Elmiger

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  • Speaking to someone in person is the most effective way to communicate and ensures the customer understands our client’s products and services.
  • Our clients’ products and services must have a clear, substantial value to the customer or community.
  • Presenting a customer with cohesive information, a concise explanation and a pleasant demeanor is more effective than any pressure tactic.
  • A complete knowledge of our clients’ goals and processes is essential to seamlessly and successfully integrating our services.
  • Constant and transparent quality assurance allows us to sustain superior service to our clients.


Threshold operates in over 100 cities across the United States and we are always looking for quality people to join our teams. All our jobs offer paid orientation, flexible schedules and great compensation. Send us your information to connect with our National Recruiter.

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